Pinpointing caffeine options on campus


Photo by Duncan Schneider Certain students utilize Starbucks for studying and socializing.

Coffee shops in and around campus are some of the most integral and important locations for a new or experienced college student. They serve a variety of functions, sometimes as a place to study, socialize or relax. Starbucks, being located on Marquette main street, is one of the most popular places around to study and get a fancy coffee. Located in the Alumni Memorial Union (the AMU), Raynor Library, Straz Hall and Cudahy Hall, the Brew is a series of cafés located within traffic-heavy buildings that accept Marquette Cash and Dining Dollars.

Milwaukee is filled to the brim with interesting restaurants, unique pubs and of course, delicious coffee shops. Anyone who gets mochas or lattes on a regular basis has a different location that he or she prefers, whether for the food and drink served or the atmosphere.

“I appreciate how close Starbucks is to my apartment,” Dylan Maslowski, a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences said. “It’s probably my favorite place on campus to study, and I always try something new from the menu every time I come here.”

The Wisconsin Avenue Starbucks, situated between McCormick Hall and the McCabe apartment building, and is frequented by many on the western side of the campus.

“I come here with my roommates to chill, and sometimes I come just to read a book or do homework,” Maslowski said.

The coffee house features a fireplace, couches and chairs, as well as ample charging ports to accommodate students looking for a place to relax and study.

Other Milwaukee locals prefer other commercial caffeine hubs. Ariana Stein sometimes stops by Dunkin’ Donuts on her war to work at Miller Time Pub. She said that Dunkin Donuts is a more cost-effective option.

“I used to go to the Starbucks down the street, but it was a little pricy for me,” Stein said.

However, Stein has no issue preparing her own cup of joe from the comfort of her home.

“Usually I just make Dunkin Donuts coffee at home, but when I wake up late I stop by to grab myself breakfast,” Stein said.

Similarly, students across campus have found benefits from brewing their own coffee. Some have chosen to invest in a Keurig.

“The reason a Keurig is nice is because it’s so convenient and you can have your coffee quick and relatively cheap versus going to Starbucks,” Kristen Leonard, a sophomore in the College of Communication, said.

Keurigs also offer the option of a variety of flavors and brands. Leonard often drinks Caribou Coffee. She uses her machine every day.

While some students are dependent on drinking coffee on a regular basis, many students solely depend on caffeine during stressful times, such as finals week. Baristas agreed that there are a surplus of customers during exam season.

Some students find it hard to choose any specific coffee house. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, and different atmospheres and flavors are difficult to choose between. Regardless of which one a person may prefer, coffee shops and study spots are a vital part of the college experience.