At the Rave with Jack and Jack

Jack and Jack met in kindergarten, and became great friends. As they got older, their friendship grew and they started to do more together. They grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. According to the duo, it is not the most exciting place to live, so the two of them picked up making Vines. They would create comedic Vines and share them with others. This helped them gain a huge following. However, Vines started to become less popular as time went on. Jack and Jack then realized they needed to try something different. Since Jack and Jack are huge music fans and grew up listening to a lot of it, they wanted to give it a whirl themselves. They started writing music and came up with a few songs. They then released an EP and went on tour. The Rave here in Milwaukee was one of their stops on the tour, so Marquette Radio’s Lily Wellen came by to chat with the duo.

Video filmed and edited by Katelyn Stamas.