EDITORIAL: We are the Marquette Wire


Marquette Wire Staff

Once again we find ourselves at the threshold of a new year. With that, so begins another year of student media.

Over the past two years, student media merged its mediums into one source: the Marquette Wire. Though it has been a struggle to work together so far, we are determined for this to work. Under the Wire name, we will do our best to create content that informs, entertains and interests the Marquette community.

We are the source for all things Marquette University news, arts and entertainment, sports and opinions. Through the Marquette Tribune, the Marquette Journal, MUTV, Marquette Radio and our website, we deliver up to date, engaging and informative stories to our readers, viewers and listeners.

There are a variety of innovative ideas we have for the 2015-’16 school year. We are pushing more multimedia content for stories. We will incorporate podcasts in the coming weeks for each desk. We are producing interactive content on our website as well as creative infographics in our print publications. We will push for online content in addition to the shows for TV.

One of the biggest changes for the year comes with the Tribune going from two editions a week to just one. Though it is sad to see production cut in half, there is much to celebrate because this is also the Tribune’s 100th anniversary.

This is a huge milestone for student media. For one hundred years the Tribune has produced content and disseminated it to our community of Marquette readers. The Tribune anniversary celebration has just begun. Throughout the year, we will revisit Marquette history through the old editions of the Marquette Tribune with the help of the Marquette Archives.

All of this will be done with the incredibly talented staff we have for the year. We could not ask for a better group of people to take student media to new heights and they are sure to impress. They come from all walks of life from an undecided engineer taking photos to an assistant editor whose grandmother is the unofficial chef of the Marquette Wire.

They will also put in a sickening number of hours this year with student media. Most of this time will be spent in Johnston Hall. Many meals will be missed, sleep deprivation will kick in and sanity will be on the brink. But it will all be worth it because of the amazing product we create.

We know you have other choices for your Marquette related news, but we appreciate you choosing the Marquette Wire as your destination. This year is gearing up to be an exciting one so stay tuned for what’s in store.