Student who built ark in Mashuda has last laugh


Following a flooding in Mashuda Hall that damaged several floors, one student is extremely thankful and boasting that he took the time to build an ark during the fall semester.

Rudolph Barton, a freshman in the College of Engineering, took three months to build a 1,000-foot ark, just in case it ever came in handy. Thursday, a pipe burst in the dorm and Barton leaped into his ark and set sail toward the first-floor dining hall.

“You never know when this may come in handy,” Barton said, standing on his ark, wearing a newspaper hat with a parrot on his shoulder. “Everyone laughed at me when I missed finals week to construct this behemoth, but who is laughing now?”

The flood left students’ dorms with water damage, ruining electronics, furniture and clothing. Barton’s dorm was also damaged, but he had an ark also, which did not show any water damage.

Barton’s ark allowed him to venture safely through treacherous¬†2-foot waters, until he got to narrow turns in hallways, where he would get stuck until someone gave him a little push.

An email from Residence Life¬†concerning the burst pipe said “the university is working with engineers to uncover the cause which may help us to prevent situations like this from happening in the future.” A second email also said the university hopes to prevent students from building arks in their dorms in the future.

Several students in Mashuda complained that Barton’s animals, which he had two of every, including camels, dogs, cats, dolphins and chimpanzees, smelled throughout the building. He only, however, had one turkey as there was only one on campus.