Winter Trend Reports: Turtlenecks

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There’s no excuse to hide without style this winter. Street style blogs follow prevalent fashionistas during Fashion Week and notice a trend—turtlenecks. Since the ’90s, turtlenecks of all cuts and shapes keep reappearing on the runway and our favorite clothing stores. Our generation is all about recreating the old and turning it into something nostalgic. I’m guilty of stealing a few out of my mom’s closet.

This past summer, sleeveless crop turtlenecks were paired with high-waisted jeans and circle skirts. Now that winter is just at our fingertips, we can break out the original to create casual, classic and warm outfits. Maybe then we can endure another Polar Vortex.

Classic turtlenecks, like shown above, can be worn distressed, baggy and casual. Wear one with a pair of jeans or leggings. Adding a pea coat or something more fitted at the shoulders will give you a less bulky look and create a clean line. A tighter fit turtleneck can be worn with a fitted blazer or vest for a sophisticated and alternative look. Adding tights, a pencil or circle skirt can add some dimension and layers, too. Importantly, we can opt the bulky scarves due to the already equipped warmth on our necks.

Stores like Zara, H&M, ASOS and Missguided sell affordable turtlenecks this season. And don’t forget your local thrift store for authenticity.


















































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