All or Nothing by Amarachi

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Artist- Amarachi

Album- All or Nothing

Ten-Second Bio- According to Amarachi’s personal website, she was born in Nigeria and “possesses the flair and true roots of African music”.   She has been singing since she was nine years old and was nominated for 12 Brit awards, which is the British equivalent of the Grammy’s. 

What Can My Ears Expect? – Amarachi’s style is defined by a soulful croon, and a lively acoustic background.  Her overall sound is not unlike what one might hear while enjoying a venti at their local Starbucks, which for me is a positive.  I am a big fan of the soul café genre and I think that Amarachi definitely has the potential for staying power in this field.  As with all artists of this field however, Amarachi’s biggest challenge will be distinguishing her tracks so that they register in the average fan’s head.  The key track of the album is the final song, “Bye Bye, Goodbye” is especially enjoyable because of the background chorus that Amarachi utilizes to pound home the chorus, and sets up the potential for bigger things to come on the next album.

What Will Their Words Say?- Most of Amarachi’s songs deal with the topic of old loves and new flames, and the typical clichés that go along with them.

Target Audience-Amy Winehouse, Duffy, N’abania, D’banj, Iyanaya

 Key Tracks from All or Nothing– “I’ll Be Ok” (track 2), “My Man” (track 3), “Bye Bye, Goodbye” (track 6)

Grade: Solid 7 (out of 10)