Summerfest Review (Neon Trees)

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Neon Trees

I need a refresher on this group; what are they known for?

If you happened to be like me, and millions of other adolescents who took their musical cues from the iTunes Top 10 list circa 2010, you might remember that Neon Trees were featured on the Free Single of the Week with “Animal” which was number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 in March of that year. 

Is this the same band I listen to on Spotify? (On a scale from bad cover band to live studio recording)

Being known for their pop and synth heavy sound I was expecting Neon Trees to rely on a litany of programming boards and auto-tunesque  sound.  I was pleasantly surprised at the band’s clean sound, not marred by the extra machinery that serves as a crutch for some groups.  Lead singer Tyler Glenn sounded every bit as real as he had four years ago when I heard “Animal” for the first time.

If I made this band a Pandora station, what other groups would play?

Although not nearly as accomplished, the Neon Trees toured with The Killers back in 2010 and worked alongside My Chemical Romance, and Panic! At The Disco.

Highlight of the set?

Towards the end of the set Glenn went into a medley of “Where is My Mind” (a cover on The Pixies classic), their new hit single “Sleeping with a Friend” (to which my friends and I ungracefully rocked out on one of the multitude picnic benches) and closed their 90 minute set with “Everybody Talks” from their 2012 effort, Picture Show.

Will I fit in?  (Atmosphere of the set)

Given the wide ranging appeal of “Animal” even the most casual of fans could enjoy the pop-mosphere of the set.  There was an undeniable energy in the air as Glenn led the crowd through sing a longs of the group’s biggest hits.

Worth seeing again? (1-5 beach balls of summer fun)

Four beach balls of fun; the high energy and key covers made me want to revisit the Neon Trees catalog.