Iggy Azalea: The New Classic

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Iggy Azalea: The New Classic

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Iggy Azalea is a rising female M.C who happens to be caucasian, a model, and Australian. Needless to say she doesn’t fit the stereotypical rapper mold. She really started to gain popularity when she hooked up with T.I and joined Hustle Gang. She has been putting out work, but none of it seemed to resonate with the public at first. Her songs Bounce, Fancy, and  Change your Life started to get more mainstream notice, and now she’s known for her music as well as her good looks.

Which leads us to her new project – The New Classic.

I hate when artists declare their work is a classic before it has even been released. Only the public can decide what reaches classic status. I had very low expectations going into this album, I have heard her other work and I was not impressed.

I think The New Classic is a step in the right direction for Iggy Azalea. I really like her style and sound on songs like F–k Love, Bounce, and Black Widow (ft. Rita Ora ), but when it comes to rapping, less is more.

She has an interesting story. She moved to America when she was 16, having no money or place to stay. She moved to Miami, and went through a series of bad relationships before finding her footing in her music career. However, the topics of her music are much more shallow.

Her voice is unique, but occasionally off-putting with the amount of inflections she adds to words. On the bonus song Just Askin, she minimizes odd pronunciation styles and it sound really good.

The production on this album was solid. Most of the beats are up tempo and are quite fun to listen to. Though good production can only go so far. I really wanted to like this album, but it’s not quite there.


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