Electric Garden Party by Das Funk Haus

Image courtesy of http://dasfunkhaus.com

Image courtesy of http://dasfunkhaus.com

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Artist- Das Funk Haus

Album- Electric Garden Party

Ten-Second Bio- According to a personalized letter sent to WMUR Radio Das Funk Haus is a self-described “gulf coast Florida indie-rock band with a mildly psychedelic sound.”  The thing that really struck me about Das Funk Haus was their uniqueness; their group had a German name, their album cover was Celtic inspired, and they have song content concerning Greek mythology, if that doesn’t interest you in the slightest, then I don’t know what will.

What Can My Ears Expect? – Most of the songs on Electric Garden Party had a feel of late night jam sessions filled with a hazy smog of instrumentals.  Think Jimi Hendrix meets Dave Matthews Band plus a whole lot of intrigue.  A large portion of the tracks seem to be if not entirely, at least mostly, instrumental.  The best way to describe their sound is by listening to the beginning riff of Rage Against the Machines’ “Microphone Fiend”, that wha-wha sound comes up quite a bit on the album and provides the backing in a good number of Das Funk Haus’s songs.  Highlights of the album include

What Will Their Words Say?-I will once again return to the letter to quote Das Funk Haus as they claim “(our) songs run the gamut of addiction, Greek mythology, and of a lonesome Yeti finding his way to town just to party down!”.  There is a good measure of instrumentals on the album, but lead vocalist H.B. Russell’s singing, somewhere between tough as nails and dry skin range, keeps the album moving.

Target Audience-Fans of jam bands, Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam

 Key Tracks from Electric Garden Party– “Blue Heron” (track 2), “Yeti of Love” (track 7), “Persephone” (track 8),

Grade: Solid 6.3 (out of 10)