Marquette adopts (another) new leadership model

Marquette adopts (another) new leadership model

turnip logoFollowing a fresh round of resignations, Marquette organized a new organizational chart, which the university later discovered is actually just a circle.

Under the new model, the dean of each college reports to Vice President of Planning Tom Ganey, who reports to Interim Provost Margaret Callahan, who reports to Interim University President the Rev. Robert A. Wild, who reports to Davante Gardner who then reports to each dean of each college, making it a full circle.

Marquette changed its organizational chart frequently this year in response to various resignations and layoffs. In January, the university adopted the strong provost model, and is consequently naming this new model the strong circle model.

“Under this model, everyone will report to everyone,” Wild said just before sprinting out of the room. “It works because um, uhh, look over there!”

The university said once President-elect Michael Lovell takes over Aug. 1, a new organizational chart will be constructed. The university added that it is considering making the new model S-shaped.