Oxymoron by Schoolboy Q


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Artist– Schoolboy Q
Ten-Second Bio– Schoolboy Q, aka Quincy Hanley, is a member of the hip-hop record label Top Dawg Entertainment. If you don’t recognize the brand, you will recognize the product, TDE also reps Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock, who along with Schoolboy Q form the collective Black Hippy. Oxymoron is Q’s follow up to his 2012 Habits & Contradictions, and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. Q is set to come to The Rave April 17th, alongside TDE member Isaiah Rashad, and Odd Future’s Vince Staples.
What Can My Ears Expect? – Be forewarned that this review is going to be impartial due to my appreciation for Schoolboy Q’s music, however even if I were being completely objective I was a big fan of what Q put together on this album. Given the eclectic style of this 12 song offering, there are songs that can seemingly vibe with any type of music fan. It’s got star power, as evidenced by Kendrick Lamar’s guest verse on “Collard Greens”, Tyler, the Creator’s lyrical stylings on “The Purge”, and Raekwon’s rhymes on “Blind Threats”. Plus, even though I wasn’t particular impressed by the subpar lyricism on “What They Want”, even 2 Chainz makes an appearance on the record.
Oxymoron also has a number of melodic beats shown by the hazy drum boom bats of Man of the Year and the reoccurrence of a ringing blip on “Collard Greens”.
Beyond the obvious singles that Q released (“Collard Greens”, “Break the Bank”, and “Man of the Year”) there were several pleasant surprises on the album. Maybe it’s just my affinity for Chance the Rapper collaborators, but the swooning vocals of B.J. the Chicago Kid matched with the song’s self-proclaimed “dope beats” on “Studio”, which served as a visual to what goes on inside the producer’s chair at TDE’s recording offices. Also of note are the head bangers “Gangsta”, which opens the album and “Los Awesome” which features Jay Rock.
What Will His Words Say?-While Q’s gangsta style of rap greatly inhibits his ability to delve into much more beyond the surface level themes of money, drugs, and women he does try to switch up how his life is being presented. His deeper tracks use recordings of his kindergarten aged daughter’s voice in order to seemingly draw attention to her role in his wild drug induced fling of a life.
Target Audience– Fans of any of the following artists: Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, any member of A$AP Mob, Pusha T, Odd Future
Key Tracks from Oxymoron – “Gangsta” (track 1), “Collard Greens” (track 3), “Studio” (track 6), “Break the Bank” (track 11), “Man of the Year” (track 12)
Grade: Solid 9. 5(out of 10)