Pretty Little Liars season finale shockers


Recap of the Pretty Little Liars season four finale.

Holy cow! There sure were a lot of twists and turns in the season four finale of Pretty Little Liars this past Tuesday. We had some questions answered, while others are still left unanswered. The creators of Pretty Little Liars definitely know how to keep an audience hooked to a television show. Here are some of the biggest shockers from this week’s episode.


  1. Alison’s mom buried Alison alive. This definitely threw me for a loop. We find out through a flashback that Mrs. DiLaurentis saw Alison get hit in the head by someone the night that Alison went missing. Mrs. DiLaurentis’ face was throughly surprised when she saw it happen, so it makes me think that she knows the person who hit Alison. We then see Mrs. DiLaurentis dragging Alison’s lifeless body into a grave and shoveling dirt onto her daughter. Crazy, I know. Clearly Alison is not dead, so Mrs. DiLaurentis is trying to protect whoever hit Alison in the head. This makes me think that it is Jason, Alison’s brother, who tried to kill Alison.
  2. Is Ezra dead or alive? Ezra always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He just magically appears at the end of episode when the girls are running from the supposed “A” who is shooting at them. Ezra tries to be the hero and wrestle the disguised person to ground and claims that he knows who it is. After the disguised person gets away, as usual, Ezra appears with a glazed over look on his face. He ended up getting shot in the stomach during the scuffle and passes out. The girls scream for help, but no one appears to show up. The episode ends without us knowing if Ezra will survive or not. There is no way that they can kill off Ezra!
  3. What happened to Mrs. DiLaurentis? The last minute of the episode shows the disguised person, who escaped from Ezra, dragging a lifeless Mrs. DiLaurentis into a grave. The scene is a copy of what Mrs. DiLaurentis did to Alison. The disguised person proceeds to throw dirt on Mrs. DiLaurentis to bury her. If the suspected killer is Jason, why would he try to kill his mother? This made me question who the disguised person actually is.
  4. What does Melissa know? Melissa appears in the episode, which is her first one being back in a couple of seasons. Her parents were surprised to see her and didn’t know that she was back in town. I think that she somehow found out that Alison is alive and has something to do with it. It is speculated in the episode that Melissa knows something about the body that was in Alison’s grave and what happened to Alison on the night she disappeared. She is being very sneaky and secretive about the whole situation, which makes us think she knows more than she is letting on.

Season four definitely ended with a bang, which makes me even more excited for season five. Season five premieres on June 10 on ABC Family.