The ins and outs of moving

At this stage in our lives, moving is inevitable. Whether you’re moving into the dorms, into an apartment or back home with mom and dad, moving can be frightening. Moving can be a much better experience, though, if you know what you’re doing; you just need to plan ahead.

Sometimes you might not have enough time to plan ahead. It is quite possible that you will be stuck at the end of the semester juggling leases and trying to find out where to leave your furniture. Public storage facilities in Milwaukee are actually easy to come by and reasonably priced. The website,, gives details on each site to consider. Rates are as low as $50 per month, and the site is constantly offering deals ranging from 15 percent off to $1 first month’s rent. EZ Self Storage in Milwaukee is a top choice, with prices starting at $69 per month. The rate may be higher, but the range of offers is broader, offering storage, truck rentals and even packing boxes. 

Physically moving your property can be tricky if you don’t know anyone that owns a truck. Fear not! There are plenty of truck rental and hired hand options in the Milwaukee area. U-Haul offers great rates starting at $19.95 and $0.79 per mile for their smallest truck or van. If you think you’ll need more space or would prefer to make fewer trips, a 24’ truck can be rented for $39.95 plus $0.79 per mile. If you need a helping hand while moving, Two Men And A Truck is a reliable local service that prides itself on getting the move done for you. Estimates start at $112 per hour for two men, a truck and insurance for moving in the Marquette and surrounding Milwaukee area.

Awesome! You got the summer internship you were hoping for. Not so awesome, you’re stuck in a lease. If your landlord allows subleasing, your best option at this point would be to sublet your apartment or house. It would be wise to screen any applicants before allowing someone to live in your home. First, you will want to determine whether or not you will leave the place furnished (this may negate the storage issue). A furnished apartment is going to be much more attractive to a tenant than an unfurnished one, but you have to keep in mind that this gives them unlimited access to your property, risking damage. Other things to consider: if you prefer a male or female tenant, if you or your landlord allow pets or smoking and, most importantly, responsibility. A good test is whether or not the potential tenant is willing to pay a deposit. This shows that the tenant will be responsible enough to pay rent, and if not, you have a deposit to fall back on.

What do you do when you’re in the market for a sublet? Postings can be found everywhere from the bulletin boards in the Alumni Memorial Union, to Facebook to Craigslist. Make sure to meet the obvious requirements. For example, if you are looking to stay for two months, don’t sublease for two weeks and find yourself scrambling at the end for a new place to stay. When subleasing, be respectful of the property you live in. The original tenant is nice enough to let you live in their home for an extended period of time, don’t thank them by breaking their TV or leaving a mess when you leave.

If you are living in the dorms and need to stay for the summer, you’re in luck. Marquette offers summer housing in seven dormitories: Straz Tower, Mashuda Hall, Abbottsford Hall, Carpenter Tower, Cobeen Hall, O’Donnell Hall and McCabe Hall. Dining hall options are also available June through August, but these accommodations are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, so the sooner you know you have to take a summer course, the better.

Moving seems like an intimidating process, but it really doesn’t have to be all that bad. Be prepared and use the resources around you, from friends with trucks to the MU Housing Guide.