EDITORIAL: Tribbee Awards to recognize those in Marquette community

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Illustration by Ellery Fry/ellery.fry@marquette.edu

Illustration by Ellery Fry/ellery.fry@marquette.edu

National Marquette Day started more than 20 years ago, bringing together alumni, students and faculty to celebrate the university and its prideful community. While Saturday connected many people through the men’s and women’s basketball teams, there are many successful individuals and organizations that go unnoticed by the community at large.

In hopes of keeping track of all that is going on at Marquette, the Tribune is presenting the inaugural Tribbee Awards, an avenue for recognizing different members of the community and their contributions to the university as a whole. We want to acknowledge some of the people and groups doing great things and inform the Marquette community, giving them the recognition they deserve.

The awards will come in five categories, covering service, research, instructors, student organizations and alumni contributions. We would like for you, the reader, to give us insight into who these awards should be given to. The Tribune will take nominations through the spring, and we will choose winners for each category to be recognized in the Tribune near the end of the semester. We want this to be an opportunity to recognize those at Marquette who successfully represent the university.

The university is often unable to credit all the major developments on- and off-campus, so we’d like to receive nominations from readers and work to expand awareness of the efforts of the Marquette community. We are looking for nominations mentioning the difference-makers we may miss as the year goes on: students working on projects that are outside-the-box, instructors teaching small, outstanding courses, service groups making far-reaching impacts off campus.

We will reach out to the seven colleges for standout individuals and organizations who do extraordinary things at Marquette, even in the day-to-day. Faculty members juggle teaching with significant university research, just as students balance academics with student organizations and service work. With research projects, donations, service work, lectures, campus events, research and conversations, Marquette has many people contributing to the well-being of the university and, often, the rest of the world.

While our low points may often overshadow some of the many successes on campus, we hope the Tribbees will work to offer new insight into the great work being done on campus every single day. The university has much to be thankful for, and we should celebrate those who make it all possible.

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