Cast shines in “That Awkward Moment”


“That Awkward Moment” contains laugh, love, and Zac Efron. What more could you want?

“That Awkward Moment” has not been receiving great reviews from most film critics. I am not an expert, but anything that can entertain me for 90 minutes, make me laugh and contains a good message will usually receive high marks in my book. That is exactly what “That Awkward Moment” did.

Starring hunk Zac Efron, funnyman Miles Teller, and newcomer Michael B. Jordan, the film shows what the dating scene is like today and how 20 somethings try to manage it. Jordan’s character gets dumped within the first few minutes of the film when his wife reveals that she has been sleeping with their lawyer. He is distraught by this news and confides in his two best friends, Efron and Teller. All three boys vow to stay single and have fun. This proves harder than they think.

Efron and Teller’s characters are used to not being in committed relationships. They are interested in hooking up with a girl, keeping her around for a while, then, when she starts to question where the relationship is going, move on. Teller ends up falling for one of his best female friends played by Mackenzie Davis. Teller is extremely comical and has some great one liners.

Jordan’s character is still seeing his wife even after finding out she cheated, without telling his friends about their secret meetings. He can’t seem to let her go, until he realizes that she is still seeing their lawyer at the same time. Jordan has to come to terms with the split and ends up realizing that it is for the better.

Efron’s character falls for a girl, who he first thinks is a hooker, played by Imogen Poots. After telling her that he thought she was a hooker, she doesn’t want anything to do with him. No surprise there. Efron is persistent and she gives him another chance. One of the best scenes of the movie is when Poots’ character has a birthday party and Efron shows up in a less than conventional outfit. This scene made me laugh for a solid five minutes.

I was not a fan of Imogen Poots. Maybe it was the character that she played, but I was not convinced by her acting skills. Michael B. Jordan delivered a great performance and his character was more serious than the others, which he did well. Teller was hysterical and his charm won me over. Efron’s impeccable hair, smooth smile, and rocking body made the film that much better. Oh, and his acting was good as well.

If you like cute romantic comedies, then go see “That Awkward Moment.”