LTMT, Episode 1: 5 reasons to brave the cold

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Welcome to “Low to Mid Twenties,” a pop culture and arts podcast hosted by Hannah McCarthy, Peter Setter, Erin Heffernan and Theo Syslack (who did not appear in this episode). In this episode of LTMT, we discuss the top five things we are willing to brave the cold to experience in Milwaukee.

1. The Bar Scene, in which Erin fangirls over 42 Lounge.

2. Drunchies, in which Peter praises the Trib’s Cheese Curd Challenge

3. Bel Air’s Two Dollar Tuesday and Thursday, in which Hannah shows her true millennial colors by mentioning brunch.

4. The Concert Scene, in which Erin discusses which artists are worth seeing this spring.

5. #MUBB, in which Peter admits he has blue and gold overalls.

We also apologize that this episode sounds like we recorded it in a cave. It won’t happen again. Look out for our next episode soon.

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