In honor of the basketball season kicking off this week, Marquee is embracing our inner jocks. For this playlist we took a trip down our ’90s sports memory lane to remember the greatest  moderately sports-themed pump up music ever. The ESPN-sponsored series of “Jock Jam” albums interspersed clips of announcers, hot dog vendors and cheerleaders with songs from artists like Coolio and the Village People. So hoist up your jock straps and get ready to jam. Hard.

1. Get Ready For This

2 Unlimited

Jock Jams Volume 1

We had to Google “songs that start with y’all ready for this” to find this one. So worth it. This one epitomizes everything so great and so ridiculous about jock jams.

2. This is How We Do It

Montell Jordan

Jock Jams Volume 2

With Montell’s supreme ’90s funkiness and lyrics like “The hood’s been good to me/ever since I was a lower-case G./But now I’m a big G/ the girls see I got the money” this one’s more like a jock gem.

3. We Will Rock You


Jock Jams Volume 2

A truly great song that shows Freddy Mercury was fully equipped to rule the sports world, tight white denim pants and all.

4. Tubthumping


Jock Jams Volume 4

Another legitimately great song. It’s inspiring in that “I get knocked down” way. This one works equally well for nerds actually too, especially post-swirly.

5. Pump Up The Jam


Jock Jams Volume 1

The soundtrack to countless ’90s stair master workouts and still a great motivator, mostly due to the end synth bit and all the “Aaaaa oo wahs.”

6. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)

C+C Music Factory

Jock Jams Volume 1

Dance to this one in a sweat band and parachute pants. Go.

7. Rock and Roll Part 2

Gary Glitter

Jock Jams Volume 1

Better known as “The Hey Song,” Mr. Glitter shows that when you have a catchy beat, lyrics are unnecessary when it comes to jock jamdom.

8. Jump Around

House of Pain

Jock Jams Volume 4

Besides the fact that this song rhymes “John McEnroe” with “smackin’ a hoe”, this is the perfect jock jam. Aggressive. Adrenaline pumping. Slightly goofy. Timeless.


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