IFC turns down Greek expansion in 7 to 5 vote

The Marquette University Interfraternity Council voted Wednesday night not to open the expansion of new fraternities on campus. The Greek system has been considering the issue since an interest group came forward last spring wanting to expand.

Opponents of the measure argued there is not enough interest in fraternities on campus to justify a new fraternity and that the interest group had not proven that a new fraternity would increase Greek participation.

Supporters of the measure argued that chapters are the size they are because they don’t wish to increase size, and that adding a new chapter would excite campus about Greek life.

The measure was voted down 7 to 5 in a secret ballot.

Last week, IFC passed a measure changing the vote total needed to open expansion to a majority vote.

The interest group who approached IFC in the spring about expansion includes Jason Kurtyka, a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences; Thomas Schick, a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences; and Matthew Walker, a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences. After the decision, they said they respected the IFC’s decision.