Men’s, Women’s tennis compete in Milwaukee Tennis Classic

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Laia Hernandez Soler. Photo Courtesy of Marquette Athletics.The men’s and women’s tennis teams hosted to the Milwaukee Tennis Classic this weekend. Structured as an individual tournament rather than a team event, no one on either team was named a champion or runner up. However, both teams played some quality matches throughout the weekend.

Men’s Singles

If the tournament had been scored traditionally, the men’s singles team would have gone 2-1 for the weekend. Freshman Kristyan Trukov was the only member of the team to go 3-0. Trukov played in the No. 6 spot in the tournament, and never lost a set in his three singles matches. Junior Vukasin Teofanovic and Dan Mamalat switched in and out of the No. 1 spot. Mamalat went 1-1 in the top spot, while Teofanovic won his only match at the highest level. One player who had a tough weekend was Cameron Tehrani. Tehrani went 1-2 for the weekend, but pushed the match to tiebreakers twice.

Women’s Singles

The women’s team closed out the tournament well, completely sweeping Colorado State. In their other two matches, the Golden Eagles lost and tied. Laia Hernandez-Soler was another strong Marquette player low in the rankings. Playing in the No. 5 and No. 6 spot, Hernandez-Soler went undefeated, and like her counterpart Trukov, also never lost a set in the entire tournament. Ana Pimienta and Erin Gebes had a strong tournament despite dropping their matches on the opening day. Pimienta only dropped one set after Saturday, while Gebes swept her final two matches. Vanessa Foltinger bounced back from losing the first two days by winning her third match in straight sets.

Men’s Doubles

Men’s doubles also had a good weekend, going 2-1 in their matches. The pairings changed every match, but some players fared better than others. Logon Collins proved his worth in doubles play, winning all three of the matches he played. Mamalat and Teofanovic were paired together for two doubles matches, losing both times. Tehrani lost his first doubles match with freshman Nick Dykema, but was paired with upperclassmen for the last two matches and won both.

Women’s Doubles

Women’s doubles started out the tournament strong with a sweep, but ended up dropping the last two matches, including being swept in the last match. Pimenta and Gebes were paired together all three matches and played well throughout the tournament. Junior Ali Dawson and sophomore Aina Hernandez-Soler were also paired together for the three doubles matches and won their first match before dropping their last two. The pairings of Diaz and Kanner and Foltinger and Laia Hernandez Soler each played two matches, both going 1-1.

The men’s tennis team will travel to the Purdue Invitational this weekend, while the women will take the weekend off in preparation for the Cal Nike Invitational and the All-American Pre-Qualifying tournaments in California.

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