TV March Madness Championship

By: Victor Jacobo

March Madness is not over yet. There is still one champion yet to be crowned. It has come down to two of television’s most beloved programs: Game of Thrones and How I Met Your Mother.

The championship in our television tournament will feature two four-seeds that have made an incredible journey through the field of 16. How I Met Your Mother will fight to have the last laugh as it came out on top in the comedy region, triumphing over NBC heavyweight Parks and Recreation. While Game of Thrones will prove a formidable opponent, HIMYM is no stranger to being an underdog. While seeded above Community in the first round, many believed that Marquette alumnus Danny Pudi had the home court edge over the CBS sitcom. In the second round, HIMYM faced award-studded Modern Family. In the Final Four, it looked as though HIMYM’s run would come to an end against Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation. The critics were silenced once more to see HIMYM make its way into the championship.

Game of Thrones gained valuable momentum in the tournament when it premiered for its third season earlier this month. Downton Abbey and Breaking Bad were no match and Game of Thrones’ only true competition came in the Final Four against heavy favorite Walking Dead. While the hype of the season finale for the zombie apocalypse program supported it throughout the tournament, the Game of Thrones fandom was simply too much.

We have a drama champion and a comedy champion. But only one can be crowned the champion of television. Vote and decide!

First Round (16): March 26th – April 1st

Second Round (8): April 2nd – April 3rd

Third Round (4): April 4th – April 8th

Championship: April 10th – April 11th


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