University to propose policy requiring health insurance for students

The Marquette Student Government unanimously passed a resolution that outlined recommendations regarding a proposal from university administration to  implement a student health insurance requirement at its meeting Thursday night. The resolution was passed in anticipation of a potential university-wide change to the health insurance policy that would require all students to have health insurance.

The resolution passed by MUSG asked administration keep costs as low as possible for students when choosing a provider for the potential new policy.

Executive Director of Student Health Service Dr. Carolyn Smith, who spoke at Thursday’s MUSG meeting, said the proposal is likely to be voted on by the Board of Trustees next month.

Smith said the requirement will mostly impact the 5.6 percent of students who are not currently insured, as they will need to purchase health insurance. Unless those students are on their parents’ insurance, or purchase their own plan, they will be expected to pay an estimated $2,300 to $2,500 for the university’s health plan.