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Recap: Live-blogging the Carrier Classic
Photo by Danny Alfonzo/

Photo by Danny Alfonzo/

Photo by Danny Alfonzo/

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Follow along live as Tribune Sports Editor Michael LoCicero and MUTV Sports Director Mark Freund provide commentary and analysis for the Carrier Classic men’s basketball game between Marquette and Ohio State, played on the USS Yorktown.

6:54 pm – Michael LoCicero

No game tonight, officially. Will have more details when we know more.

6:51 pm – Michael LoCicero

Buzz is out there too #mubb

6:51 pm – Michael LoCicero

Pow wow at mid court featuring Ohio State people. #mubb still not out here

6:49 pm – Michael LoCicero

About 1 minute until court “reassessment.” #mubb

6:44 pm – Michael LoCicero

Ohio State out on the floor shooting around. No sign of #mubb

6:43 pm – Michael LoCicero

Heard a few people say if the temperature cools a few more degrees there won’t be any more condensation. Again, just speculation. #mubb

6:39 pm – Mark Freund

For what it’s worth, Evan Ravenel and Aaron Craft are still out on the court shooting around.

6:34 pm – Michael LoCicero

Floor will be “reassessed” again in 17 minutes. Who knows what that means. #mubb

6:33 pm – Michael LoCicero

Trent Lockett said: “Going to locker room, waiting 20 minutes. Not sure how much good that will do.

6:31 pm – Michael LoCicero

#mubb players putting on hats, jackets. Not sure what that means, but it’s probably not good

6:27 pm – Mark Freund

I, for one, am starting to get very nervous. Don’t know about anyone else.

6:26 pm – Michael LoCicero

Teams “rehearsing” for a few minutes to see if they feel it’s safe to play. Stand by

6:24 pm – Michael LoCicero

Cahill meeting with Matta and #mubb assistant to discuss. We’ll see.

6:23 pm – Mark Freund

This from the original Carrier Classic press release: “In case of inclement weather, the game will be moved to the Citadel’s McAlister Field House, 171 Moultire St. Charleston.”

6:21 pm – Michael LoCicero

Still waiting, not looking the best, however.

6:19 pm – Mark Freund

There is an inclement weather contingency plan should the floor be deemed unsafe for play, but it sure would be difficult to move all these people to another venue.

6:17 pm – Mark Freund

There was previously a lot of speculation that this game actually might not be played, but, as Mike just noted, things are looking a bit better now.

6:17 pm – Michael LoCicero

Hard to tell what floor condition is like from here, but it looks like we’re ready to go #mubb

6:14 pm – Michael LoCicero

And now both teams will get another two minute warm up after the floor is done being wiped. Ugh

6:14 pm – Michael LoCicero

Guessing the floor will have to be wiped down at every media time out. The disadvantages of playing outside at night. #mubb

6:11 pm – Mark Freund

Members of the team are helping wipe the floor now. Marquette’s entire roster getting out there to wipe the floor down themselves. Ohio State players sticking to their bench.

6:10 pm – Michael LoCicero

Buzz gets out there and wipes the floor himself. Has the hat back on. #mubb


6:08 pm – Michael LoCicero

Wiping down the floor, which has collected some condensation. Could be a factor all night. #mubb

6:05 pm – Michael LoCicero

Ok, Buzz ditched the hat, but is still wearing the boots.

6:05 pm – Mark Freund

As amazing as this whole experience has been, seeing the military present the colors as well as the national anthem for both games has been something truly special. The reverence from everyone on board has been astounding.

6:01 pm – Michael LoCicero

Marquette starting five: Cadougan, Blue, Lockett, J. Wilson, Otule. Gardner will come off the bench.

6:00 pm – Michael LoCicero

A bit surprising to see Amir Williams come off the bench, but he’ll be a factor.

6:00 pm – Michael LoCicero

Starting five for Ohio State: Craft, Smith Jr., Thomas, Thompson, Ravenel.

5:57 pm – Mark Freund

The team looks fairly relaxed in pre-game warmups. Relaxed, but focused. Jamil Wilson especially looks loose.

5:54 pm – Michael LoCicero

Buzz and the coaching staff wearing hats and military boots. Awesome


5:50 pm – Mark Freund

Before the Marquette-Ohio State game starts in less than 10 minutes, be sure to check out for a last minute pre-game update as well as all of our other coverage from the Carrier Classic. Shameless plug, I know, but convergence is always a good thing for Marquette Student Media, right?

5:31 pm – Michael LoCicero

Just over 26 minutes here til tip off. 54 degrees and calm winds on the flight deck.

5:18 pm – Michael LoCicero

Ohio State shot 36.4 percent, including 34.5 percent from three-point range in first game. ND was at 33.3 and 34.8 percent, respectively. Temperature has dropped a bunch here. Still a calm wind thankfully.

5:13 pm – Michael LoCicero

Marquette now on the floor for warm ups


5:01 pm – Michael LoCicero

Final score from the first game: Notre Dame 57, Ohio State 51. The men coming up in about an hour.

4:55 pm – Mark Freund

There are a number of players playing in this Ohio State-Notre Dame women’s game that are playing in just their jerseys. It’s getting chilly out here on the water. I’ll put the over/under at three for cases of pneumonia that arise in the players of either the men’s or women’s games. Only kidding, of course, but it could potentially become a concern here in a day or two. Here’s to hoping no one gets sick.

4:51 pm – Michael LoCicero

Really an incredible scene here with the lights in full effect now.


4:46 pm – Michael LoCicero

Barn burner brewing here for the women’s game as a lay up by Amber Stokes puts Ohio State within two points at 47-45 with 4:09 left.

4:38 pm – Mark Freund

There are a lot of things about being on the deck of an aircraft carrier that could significantly impact a basketball game. The wind, the temperature, the general fact that we’re outdoors here are all factors. But one thing that I’ve found really interesting – and potentially hilarious – about being on this aircraft carrier is the thought that one of the basketballs used in either the men’s or women’s games could end up in the Charleston Harbor.

After all, the northwest corner of the court is separated from the edge of the flight deck by no more than 15 feet. Ohio State men’s head coach Thad Matta said it best yesterday: “Hopefully we have some extra basketballs in case we toss one over the side.” Amen, Coach.

4:25 pm – Mark Freund

The spectacle that is this Carrier Classic is well underway, as the Notre Dame and Ohio State women are doing battle aboard the U.S.S. Yorktown right now, with the big game between Marquette and Ohio State on the men’s side coming up later tonight.

On a personal note, having spent yesterday and today touring the aircraft carrier and spending some time on the flight deck, there is just one word that I can come up with to describe this scene: extraordinary. I asked Marquette head coach Buzz Williams what it meant to the community in Milwaukee that Marquette is participating in this unprecedented event, and his response was apt: “it makes the hair on your back stand up.” Surely, the hair on everyone’s backs will be standing up tonight, too.

It’s been an unbelievable couple of days to be here in Charleston, covering this Carrier Classic. One thing is for sure, though. This game between the Golden Eagles and the Buckeyes, regardless of the outcome, is sure to be as surreal as the events leading up to it have been.


4:17 pm – Michael LoCicero

Really an incredible scene here on the Yorktown. Wounded veterans were honored at halftime and it’s hard not to get emotional for them. Truly an amazing experience.

4:06 pm – Michael LoCicero

About 55 minutes until scheduled tip time on the USS Yorktown. Ohio State-Notre Dame women’s game about to start the second half.

4:05 pm – Michael LoCicero


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