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TREBBY: Politics suck, I want my sports back

Matthew Trebby

Politics bring out the worst in everyone.

People become stubborn and start to sound like they’re part of some cult.

Watching election coverage on Tuesday night, there were some people I follow on Twitter whom I consider friends but who turned into completely different people.

Some were talking about leaving the country after President Obama’s reelection, and some were ecstatic with his victory, stating the country is still moving “forward.”

This isn’t about whom I voted for, or whom I wanted to win. This is about us returning to some sense of normalcy and to not being afraid of saying anything related to politics in fear of greatly angering someone.

Our country needs to be brought back together. America needs to go back to its happy and united self.

There is only one thing that can do that: sports.

What else is there? Few subjects in our country are commonly followed by a large number of people, and sports is definitely one of those.

After disagreeing with each other so much during the election, let’s go back to remembering the things that on which we all can agree.

The Atlanta Falcons aren’t that good. There’s no way Matt Ryan can be the Most Valuable Player of the NFL. The guy the Packers embarrassed at the Georgia Dome in the 2010 playoffs will never be an MVP. The only difference is one coordinator. Let’s see them play a good team on the road, and see how “Matty Ice,” or “Matty Meltdown” as I call him, fares.

LeBron James and the Miami Heat are the best team in the NBA, and whether we like James and company or not, we will always watch them whenever they’re on ESPN or TNT. The Heat are the most entertaining team to watch in the NBA, and are also the team to beat.

Whether you’re a Packers fan or not, you have to admit Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL. The Super Bowl MVP is having a below-average year in his opinion but is still on pace to match his touchdown totals from last season, during which he had what quite possibly is the best season any quarterback has ever had. Like him or hate him, we all can agree that Rodgers is the best at what he does.

We’re all excited for Marquette basketball to get started. The atmosphere at the BMO Harris Bradley Center is electric when the Golden Eagles are playing. Whether it is to cheer Marquette on again and be part of “the best student section in the country” or to enjoy the wonderful spread of food the Bradley Center provides media members, it’s going to be fun to get back down to the BC.

Lionel Messi is the best soccer player in the world. This one is pretty straightforward. We’ll move on.

And last, but not by any means least, Skip Bayless is a moron.

While the election tore some of us apart, we will quickly be able to unite again as a country. The topics I mention above, at least in my mind, are all things we can agree on, subjects we all can get behind and support.

Sports are so simple that they bring people together. They are the perfect distraction in times of need, whether that is after or during an election, or after something like Superstorm Sandy.

Most of you at least like sports, especially if you’re reading this. No matter whom you may cheer for or support, they can bring happiness, joy and laughter out in all of us. At least if our team loses, we can be sad together.

I just want things to go back to normal, and hopefully it stays calm and fairly peaceful for at least four more years.

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