MUSG elections to determine senate

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Long before the presidential election in November, students will have the opportunity to cast their votes for Marquette Student Government senators Thursday.

There are a total of 19 open MUSG and Residence Hall Association seats to be filled this fall, Arts & Sciences Senator Natasha Hansen, a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences said.

All of the residence halls have one (senator), except Schroeder and McCormick (which) each have two since they are the largest,” Hansen said. “And then there are six off-campus, so that includes people who live in campus apartments and people who live in other apartments. And then there are two commuter seats for people who did not ever live in dorms.”

According to Legislative Vice President Jilly Gokalgandhi, a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences, all of the candidates were required to collect either 75 or 100 signatures, depending on their desired position, to earn a spot on the ballot.

This year, the entire electoral process will be held on Involvement Link. Voters can also visit the new website to learn about the candidates before deciding their vote.

(The candidates) all write a little 100-word bio about themselves,” Gokalgandhi said. “And then students can go read them on Involvement Link.”

Gokalgandhi said students should not stop there when learning about their prospective representatives. She also advised voters to get in contact with the candidates themselves to talk about their plans for the year. When deciding on a candidate, Gokalgandhi said that students should look for someone who “is excited about being in MUSG and is dedicated to advocacy.”

Once elected, the new senators will serve as the voice of their constituents when speaking to MUSG and the university.

“Senators bring up the issues of their constituents and relay them to the Senate meetings and try to make changes where change is needed or requested,” College of Business Administration Senator Heinz Schelhammer said in an email. “Overall, I would say the best way to describe the intentions of MUSG would be that the Senate tries to improve the lives of Marquette students, both in the classroom and out of the classroom.”

Gokalgandhi also pointed out that each representative is placed in one of four committees: academics, student life, student organizations, and business and administration.

The results of the election will be announced Friday outside of the MUSG office on the first floor of the Alumni Memorial Union during a press conference.