TREBBY: Traveling with men’s soccer a delightful experience

Through working with Marquette Radio, I’ve been lucky to be able to travel with the men’s soccer team to broadcast its games.

Everyone is more than happy for me to come along, something they don’t have to allow by any means, and I am made to feel like part of the team.

This past weekend, I traveled with the squad to Des Moines, Iowa as they took on the Drake Bulldogs.

The trip started on Friday, when we left campus at 4 p.m. for General Mitchell International Airport. At the airport, there’s a lot of time to kill before the flight, which the soccer players do with ease.

Some of the topics discussed included senior Anthony Selvaggi’s unfortunate chase for the program record of yellow cards. He has 15 and the record is 18. The weekend’s slate of English Premier League games were also discussed.

On the flight itself, the main source of entertainment tends to be the latest edition of “Sky Mall.” I’ve been told head coach Louis Bennett collects one per trip, and I can see why.

Next time you’re on a flight, just look through it and ask yourself why you’d ever buy most of that stuff.

When we arrived, it was straight to the bus and then the hotel. After everyone checked in, we headed off to dinner.

To make some of us feel more at home, we ate at Rock Bottom, which I thought was exclusive to Milwaukee. Nothing like their Mac’n’Chicken to ease the fatigue from flying.

Before bed, there was a quick film session on Drake, where the team watched its opponent for the first time. This helps my broadcast as well, as I can fill everyone listening in on what to expect.

The Bulldogs are very direct and have very high work rates. The team got a good idea of the team to sleep on before tactics were discussed in the morning.

After falling asleep, I woke up to watch Arsenal and Liverpool while everyone else slept. That was delightful for me, and a great intro to breakfast.

I played in high school against redshirt sophomore John Mau, who went to Kettle Moraine High School. At Catholic Memorial, we had a few clashes in the Classic 8 conference.

At breakfast, I had to explain the type of player I was in my heyday why we were robbed when Kettle Moraine beat us my senior year. I’m still bitter.

After breakfast, the team discussed tactics and assigned roles for the game. The coaching staff and team manager Eric Wilde – my roommate for the trip and a Manchester United fan – do a great job of preparing the team and letting them know what to expect.

After the win, Bennett led the cheers on the bus, which were full of spirit, even after 90 minutes in sweltering heat.

Back at the hotel, after bothering Bennett and goalkeeper Charlie Lyon for postgame interviews, we were off to Chili’s for dinner. After that, everyone was in bed by 11 p.m. because of our 6:10 a.m. flight the next morning.

We woke up at 3:45 a.m. and were gone at 4:10 a.m. I’m a morning person, so I was plenty awake. Getting everyone else up was the issue. I did my best, and eventually got Robb and whoever else possible going, making for a fun trip home.

Upon our arrival in Milwaukee, I went back to my apartment to sleep while the rest of the team had to finish up its work at Marquette Gym and then nap before a long day.

I wish I had 1,000 words in this column, because I couldn’t properly describe the fun I had on the trip in the words I have. The team does an amazing job of making me feel welcome and like one of the guys. I know I’m not and know my role, but every trip is still a joy.