Letter to the Editor: Student Health Services and Testing

To the Editor-

In response to the Tribune Viewpoint concerning sexual health promotion at Marquette, we would like to make several important comments to counter the arguments made by staff members in the article.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the U.S. It affects almost 3 million people annually and is most common among people ages 15 – 24 years old. However, chlamydia is also a “silent” disease, where the majority of those infected do not show any symptoms, requiring testing for proper diagnosis.

Therefore, Student Health Service (SHS) decided to promote chlamydia urine tests to the Marquette population during the month of April in recognition of National STD Awareness Month. SHS was able to negotiate a lower price for this test with their reference laboratory that does the testing, allowing SHS to offer the test for $25 instead of $55. Therefore, SHS is not receiving a profit from this test.

Furthermore, SHS does support sexual health awareness year-round, offering STD testing, treatment and information (available at the clinic or online at www.marquette.edu/shs), as well as hosting programs such as [email protected] SHS medical staff is also willing to answer any further questions in private.

SHS exists to promote and advance the health of the Marquette population, and sexual health is no exception. As the chairs of the Student Health Advisory Board, we take this feedback very seriously and will act appropriately to work with the staff of SHS to improve the promotion of sexual health while maintaining Jesuit ideals.

Further questions or concerns can be voiced to SHS staff or members of the Student Health Advisory Board.

Jisun Yoo and Kirsten deGuzman
On Behalf of Marquette’s Student Health Advisory Board