MUSG Notes

From the March 8, 2012 meeting of Marquette University Student Government

MUSG President Joey Ciccone said he met with Terence Miller, director of international education, to discuss the concerns around the South Africa study abroad program. MUSG is hoping to enhance communication with concerned students and the facilitators of the trip to make prospective students feel more comfortable.

Communications Vice President Arica Van Boxtel announced that the Fr. Pilarz forum will be on March 20, 2012 at 7 p.m. on the first floor of the Alumni Memorial Union. Students can submit questions on Twitter using the hashtag #muprez.

Programs Vice President Derek Merten announced that for the Hellogoodbye spring concert, non-Marquette students with a university ID are able to take advantage of the $12 rate. All other public tickets will be $15.

MUSG adviser Jon Dooley announced that there will be no primaries for the MUSG election. Only one election will take place on March 28. Dooley urged seniors to participate in the elections, as nominees for senior speaker, in addition to Senate and RHA positions, are on the ballot. Dooley also announced that in the searches for a coordinator for multicultural affairs and coordinator for student organizations and leadership, the Office of Student Development is seeking student involvement. “We want to be as transparent as possible,” Dooley said.

The Senate unanimously approved an amendment for readjusting the Student Organization Funding budget line. The readjustment allows the money required for SOF to readjust from 33 percent to 30 percent.

The Senate approved funding for the Navy Nursing Corps Symposium, and the funds will pay for the lodging of the speaker. “This is a nationally recognized event that would boost the name recognition of Marquette and is a great opportunity to bring students from other regions in on what Marquette is all about,” said Sterling Hardaway, an Arts & Sciences senator. The Senate also approved funding for the MU Radio concert; funding will go to the performer, tech fees, rental equipment and DPS presence.