Inside the Jes Res

The Jesuit Residence is the place to be. All-you-can-eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with a few beverages here and there, all while in good company and conversation. Most students call the Jesuits’ home the “Jes Res,” as do the Jesuits. But it is more than just a home. It is a community and place of worship.

The Rev. Jeffrey LaBelle, rector and assistant professor in the College of Education, described the Jesuits as open and sincere.

“We are always willing to talk to students and look to each other for guidance,” LaBelle said. “Here we are able to talk about our days, catch up and share our experiences with one another.”

The men certainly were eager to grab their dinner and sit at the tables in the dining room. Seafood was the specialty of the night and conversation was what they were craving once they filled their plates. They spoke about travels, cookies, course material and what they were going to be doing on their weekend off. The Rev. John Naus was so delighted to receive a cookie during a conversation that he stopped mid-sentence, bit in and said, “These are hard as rocks!” then took the cookie out of his mouth and continued his conversation.

Jesuits are the average Joes of Marquette University. Like half of the students on campus, Jesuits socialize, reflect and live in what one may call a dormitory, albeit a little more luxuriously.