MUSG Hall Senator polls open

Marquette Student Government  polls open online today for the election of all hall, off-campus and commuter senators, except for three halls with no registered candidates.

Trent Carlson, a senior in the College of Business Administration and MUSG executive vice president, said the senator elections are an important component of the success of MUSG as a whole.

“The senate works to improve and analyze new and/or current issues on campus, which is why the senator position is important and affects all students,” Carlson said in an email. “While MUSG strives to continue to improve all aspects of campus, it is imperative that all students to be represented in these meetings.”

Carpenter Tower and McCabe and Schroeder Halls have no registered candidates for the MUSG senator elections, according to MUSG’s website.

Justin Alexander, a freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences, is running for O’Donnell Hall senator.

“I am very excited for the election because it is great to see that the students of Marquette have a voice about their education and life on campus,” Alexander said.

He said his goal is to make a difference for everyone on campus, especially those in O’Donnell.

Kyle Whelton, a freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences and Alexander’s opponent in the race for O’Donnell Hall senator, said he feels positive, but it is his job to get everyone to the polls to cast their vote.

“All I can count on is a fair election and hope for the best,” Whelton said.

Tommy Hayes, a freshman in the College of Business Administration and candidate for McCormick Hall Senator, has already made it through the primary elections, which are held when a large enough number of candidates are running for the senate seats. Four candidates remain in the race at McCormick. Hayes said he is excited to still be in the running.

“I hope the residents of McCormick will vote for me of course, but I understand (that) whoever the two winners are, they will do a great job,” he said.

Katie Simoncic, a senior in the College of Communication, is running for MUSG senator for the fourth year in a row, this time for off-campus senator. Simoncic has previously served as Abbottsford Hall senator, the College of Communication senator and off-campus senator.

“I’m excited for the elections because they give me another chance to represent my constituents while voting on important legislation that improves our school and time spent here,” Simoncic said.

She is running for off-campus senator alongside only one other candidate. Simoncic said they are running basically unopposed because there are six seats available for off-campus senator, and residents can vote for up to two candidates.

Simoncic said although she is unopposed, she hopes more students vote this election season.

Carlson said MUSG encourages students to vote.

“Voting is easy to do and takes only a few minutes, which is about the same amount of time it takes to update a status on Facebook,” Carlson said. “Students are encouraged to take those extra couple minutes to vote and make their voices heard in the selection of a senator.”