Gaga goes country with “Born This Way” edit

Ever since the Grammys, where Lady Gaga spent hours in an egg and then performed on stage looking like “Sloth” from the Goonies, I knew this year would be an interesting one for “Mother Monster”.

Though Gaga’s new album isn’t due out until May, she’s already managed to do what she does best when it comes to singing: create songs all about empowerment and then confuse everyone.

Her newest single “Born This Way,” illustrates this idea perfectly. When first displayed at the Grammys, Gaga mixed her new empowerment anthem with hatching from an egg and an impromptu organ solo mid-performance.

But the thing that surprised me the most wasn’t her over-the-top Grammys masterpiece, it was the surprise I only recently learned: There’s a new version of “Born This Way,” and it’s a country version. Yes, that’s right, country!

The track, known as the “Country Road” edit, is a nice reminder that Gaga’s not just your average pop singer, here one day and gone the next. If you can ever manage to look past her ridiculous antics and clothing choices, she legitimately has a great pair of pipes.

If you’ve ever gotten a chance to see a live performance by the pop diva, you’ll know her singing skills aren’t just for the studio. She can wear her ridiculous outfits, meet the standards of her background dancers and still carry a tune, something other pop stars, (cough Black Eyed Peas cough), can’t manage.

However, when it comes to country power ballads, I think Gaga should leave it up to Taylor Swift. Lord knows she has the “he broke my heart and now I’m going to get him back by writing a song about him” thing down.

I will give Gaga some props though. Very few artists are able to stretch out of their comfort zone and still attract the same strong fan base.

Then again, does Lady Gaga even have an uncomfortable zone?