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In the 1980s, people had to choose which glam metal band belonged at the top of the greasy heap. In this decade, ESPN Radio host Doug Gottlieb and his listeners are trying to determine which sports video game is the best of all time. It’s one of the great cultural questions of our time, no doubt.

Gottlieb set up a tournament that includes 32 games. Classics like Tecmo Super Bowl and Blades of Steel will square off with current dorm room mainstays like NBA 2K11 and FIFA 11. Eventually, voters will have to weigh nostalgia against the graphical capabilities of today’s consoles. Yes, this is a big deal to some people.

Interestingly, all four No. 1 seeds (Tecmo, Mike Tyson’s Punchout, NBA Jam and NHL ’94) were released in or prior to 1993.

It’s a great idea, sure to generate plenty of interest and discussion for his radio show. But I see some major flaws, not the least of which being a smarmy and unlikeable guy like Doug Gottlieb actually hosting a radio show.

Personally, I’m insulted and incensed by the seeding of MVP Baseball 2005. I didn’t spend all those hours tweaking the rosters of the Brevard County Manatees and Huntsville Stars for a six-seed, Gottlieb.

As it stands, MVP is facing a first-round exit against NFL Blitz, while one of either Big Buck Hunter Pro or Joe Montana Sports Talk Football is guaranteed to advance. What kind of world are we living in?

I have more complaints, but I feel obligated to use my Nostra-Seeman powers on this thing. I see Tecmo, NBA 2K11, Blitz and NBA Jam in the Final Four with the two football titles facing off for the championship. Blitz’s superior graphics, frenetic gameplay and legalized late hits will carry it to victory.

Any game that can beat out MVP Baseball 2005 deserves the crown.

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