The good, the bad, and “The Office”

Being a loyal fan of both the original U.K. and American versions of “The Office,” I’ll admit finding out earlier this year that Steve Carell was leaving, I knew that would be the end to one of the best comedy shows on television.

As it turns out, the show must and will go on. But will it really go on or will it go down the tubes?

As I do for every life-altering decision, I decided to craft a pro and con list to decide whether or not I should keep watching after Michael Scott departs his beloved office:

Pro: The rivalry between Jim and Dwight has blazed ever since the earliest episodes, but for a season or two, they’ve reined in their ire. This season, however, they’ve managed to bring it back into full swing.

Con: Over the past two seasons or so, the writing for the show has gone downhill, and episodes have become more story-arc and less stand-alone. One of the greatest aspects of the show during the first three seasons was its lack of storyline. If you missed an episode or two, you could just jump right back in whenever.

Pro: Holly Flax is back! I jumped for joy when I saw that Holly was coming back for the seventh season, having fallen in love with the idea of Michael finally finding someone just as crazy as he is.

Con: Obviously the biggest one of all would be the fact that the main man himself, Michael Scott, is leaving, and for all we know he might be taking Holly with. It definitely won’t be the same around the office.

Pro: Before Michael’s departure, we’ll get to see him work alongside Will Ferrell, who will be guest starring on “The Office” at the end of this season.

It seems the “Pros” have it. Whether or not the show crumbles next year, there’s enough awesome left in this one to keep me tuning in to the bitter end.