Disney meets jazz in new compilation album

I love Disney. And if there’s anyone out there who doesn’t, let’s face it — you probably didn’t have a real childhood.

But while I was procrastinating by rummaging through iTunes, I managed to find an album that has put a new twist on some of Disney’s most popular songs. “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat: Disney Jazz, Vol 1,” offers a jazzy take on famous Disney songs such as “You’ve Got a Friend In Me,” “Circle of Life,” and “Someday My Prince Will Come.”

The album features artists like jazz pianist Dave Brubeck and Esperanza Spalding, recent recipient of the Best New Artist award at this year’s Grammys.

I’ll admit I was a little shy to the idea when I heard it. Jazz may be nice, but I couldn’t see even the most sophisticated child wanting to listen to an album full of it. Of course Disney managed to open my eyes; the album was surprisingly good.

Not only that, the songs may be for children, but the style is perfect for older kids and adults. It brings back those classic (and hopefully) great memories  Disney has provided for generations, but it also qualifies as great jazz in and of itself. If someone had fallen off the face of the Earth for the past 50 years, they wouldn’t be able to tell it apart from regular jazz.

So if you are a fan of either Disney or jazz, I definitely recommend you check this out. If you’re not a fan of Disney or jazz, you need some new musical taste.