Tuition grows 4.5 percent to $31,400

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Marquette’s undergraduate tuition will increase $1,360 next year to $31,400, the university announced Monday.

The 4.5 percent hike for undergraduates is coupled with increased per-credit and annual tuition rates for graduate and professional programs. Student fees will not change.

Tuition has increased by an average of 6.3 percent annually since the 2006-’07 academic year, when tuition was $24,670. The 3.5 percent increase between the 2006-’07 and 2007-’08 school years was the lowest in 30 years.

University President the Rev. Robert A. Wild said in the release Marquette’s “fiscal foundation” is critical to providing quality education and services to students. He said fundraising and increasing available scholarships remain a top priority, noting that more than 90 percent of undergraduates receive financial aid.

“(The university) is aware that our students and families continue to be affected by the economy’s downturn,” he said in the release.

Kate Venne, director of university communication, said Marquette is focused on continuing to deliver on the high standard community members have come to expect. She also said tuition fees only cover two-thirds of the actual cost of education, with the difference being made up by “generous donors.”

“Marquette education is a long-term, significant investment,” Venne said. “We feel that as a long-term investment, it has the highest return of anything you could put your money into.”

The 2011-’12 rate guide, which breaks down tuition costs by category, is available on the bursar’s website.