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Postsecret has expanded beyond a simple blog, creating books and an online community of support. Photo via William Morrow.

It’s like the old children’s rhyme says: “Secrets, secrets, are no fun, unless you share with everyone.” Well, as long as it’s sent to a random stranger and displayed anonymously, that is.

Popular blog PostSecret, created by Frank Warren, provides that outlet, building a community where people can safely reveal their secrets, no matter how taboo or hush-hush the topic may be in public.

Secrets are sent primarily via mail in the form of postcards, but others anonymously send them in online. Most postcards are homemade and range from collages with lyrics to a plain white postcards with nothing more than the secret. There are no gimmicks and no restrictions to the content of the postcards and the secrets.

The PostSecret idea even sparked the idea for a chart-topping song’s music video. Ever heard of the song “Dirty Little Secret”? Yup, that’s right; the All-American Rejects video is based on the project and is filled with individuals showcasing the postcards that have been sent in.

But that’s not the only place you can find even more of the secrets. In 2005 all of the secrets were put together in a book and three more followed filled with postcard after postcard. The release of the print books resulted in a new way to share secrets: go to your local bookstore and slip your postcard into the first PostSecret book you find.

So if you’ve got a secret to set free, send it in. Who knows, maybe your secret will be in the next AAR music video?

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