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One-hundred. It’s a good score in basketball, an ungodly score in football, and a batting average that gets baseball players sent down to play for the San Antonio Missions.

In bowling, 100 is a nice milestone. When you hit it, it says to people, “I don’t completely suck at this game, and I don’t even have to buy shoes or a ball of my own.”

It’s the mark your girlfriend shoots for when she agrees to go or, more likely, when you drag her out to the lanes with you.

And for younger boys at friends’ birthday parties or on school field trips, rolling triple digits earns them unquestioned bragging rights for a month, not to mention the attention of every little girl that witnessed the feat.

But for a grown man who earns his living on the Professional Bowlers Association tour, only scoring 100 is reason enough to stuff both hands down the ball return.

Thankfully, Tom Daugherty was good-natured about his failure in a tournament semifinal on national TV on Jan. 22.

Sitting on 98 and staring down the lane at four pins on his last roll, he appealed for applause and when he got his two pins, he threw his hands in the air and celebrated with the people in the gallery. For his trouble, Daugherty won a $50,000 consolation prize. That’s $500 a pin. Not bad.

Meanwhile, his opponent was three strikes away from a perfect game. I’m sure Mika Koivuniemi was thrilled some goofball riled everyone up over the lowest-scoring televised game in PBA history.

He won’t complain, though. He wound up rolling a 299 in that game and won the tournament and $250,000. Have fun with your notoriety, Daugherty.