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Fashion front-runners, straight from the red carpet

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With the Golden Globes behind us and the Oscars not too far away, awards season is finally upon us. But there’s one thing the media cares about more than the actual awards themselves: What did they wear?

The clothing stars wear on the red carpet sets the tone for what we see on runways in the upcoming months and gives us a chance to see what styles will be the front-runners of fashion this year.

The main color in the spotlight: orange.

Months ago, the color was limited to that perfect orange lipstick color, but now it seems a new use of orange will become prominent. Vibrant orange dresses are popping up all over the place, from Drew Barrymore at the Covergirl 50th anniversary party to Marc Jacobs’ new collection featuring striped orange dresses alongside beach wear. The key to this look is taking into consideration the right level of vibrancy that matches your skin tone. Pale skin tones should shoot for a lighter, more peachy color, while darker tones can go almost as vibrant as an orange can come.

The second hue making an appearance is the ever popular neutrals. Most of the spring’s neutrals have been placed in one of two categories: earthy or Victorian.

The earthy tones deal with the incorporation of simple colors and carefree shapes that can accentuate a figure. For the Victorian look, on the other hand, try matching neutrals with black lace or a broach to create a retro look with an ironically modern approach. If you want to see how a pro does it, just take notes from Natalie Portman, who wore a modern Vionnet dress to the 22nd Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Another retro look coming alive again is that of bell bottoms, but they’re not the same old ones your parents donned. These tend to be used in a nautical theme, seen side-by-side with navy vests and tan purses perfect for a day at the beach. Tommy Hilfiger’s spring collection even displays stitched, checkered print bell bottoms.

It’s important to be careful with bell bottoms if you’re on the shorter side though — unless you generally like to end up looking like a Saturday Night Fever extra.

Source: Refinery 29

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