Walker strolls to comfortable victory in gubernatorial race

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker defeated city Mayor Tom Barrett in the Wisconsin gubernatorial race.

Election results ensured vast changes for the U.S. House of Representatives, with Republicans regaining majority control in a commanding fashion. The Wisconsin gubernatorial race followed the national trend.

Former Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker (R) defeated Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) by almost seven points. Walker’s win is one of eight gubernatorial positions the Republican Party gained in the midterm elections, according to recent polls on Politco.com.

Governor-elect Walker accepted his victory by stating he and Mayor Barrett will cooperate to “make Wisconsin work again.” He also said the election was not about him, but about everyone.

“I intend to be the governor of the entire state of Wisconsin,” Walker said. “No matter who you voted for, we all live in Wisconsin and we’re all going to move this state forward together.”

In his speech, Walker expressed plans to call for an immediate economic emergency, as audience members chanted “Wisconsin is open for business” in the background. He also said he plans to reform the job agenda and once again “place government on the side of the people.”

Temporarily replacing Walker’s Milwaukee County Executive position for the next 30 days will be County Board Chair Lee Holloway (D). However, within that time period he must appoint an interim county executive to serve until a special election is held. Milwaukee County Clerk Joseph Czarnezki will announce the special election in upcoming days.

In Barrett’s speech of concession, he explained his reasons behind running for governor.

“There are serious issues in this state and that’s why I ran,” Barrett said. “It’s because I cared, and I still do.”

Returning to his job as Milwaukee mayor, Barrett said he will continue to fight for jobs, education and affordable health care. He plans to work with Walker in doing so.