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Dear Tribune readers,

Ninety-four years ago to the day, the very first issue of The Marquette Tribune hit newsstands.

This year, the College of Communication is celebrating the 100th anniversary of journalism being taught here. Marquette was the first Catholic university in the world to have a journalism program.

In honor of that accomplishment and last week’s kickoff of the centennial celebration, the Tribune decided to mix things up with our print design this week. We’ve adopted the original flag, some of the original section fonts and a collection of actual advertisements from the  first issue of the Tribune. (Take a closer look at some of the ads in this week’s two print editions — they’re guaranteed to make you laugh.)

As a bonus for our online readers, please check out the first issue of the Tribune in its entirety, as well as this week’s two throwback issues.

The Marquette Tribune’s first issue:

The Marquette Tribune — Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010

The Marquette Tribune — Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010

Thanks for reading our publication. Although the Tribune has changed a lot in the past century, I think we’re just as committed now to “purveying news of Marquette and her students to the people who want such news” as they were in 1916.

Here’s to another century of journalism at Marquette, and to another century of the Tribune.

-Jeff Engel, editor-in-chief

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