Hitting the Marq: Steve Hofstetter

Steve Hofstetter is coming to the Weasler Sunday. Photo courtesy Steve Hofstetter

Here at Marquee (I mean, Dramatics), we enjoy laughter. Laughter brings a smile to our faces, a twinkle to our eyes, and, occasionally, a stitch to our sides.

So when we heard comedian Steve Hofstetter, one of the original columnists for a little website called “CollegeHumor” and an online hit in his own right, was bringing his “comedy without apology” to campus Sunday, we couldn’t wait to tell you about it.

Hofstetter, who’s also written comedic columns for The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and NHL.com, tours over 100 colleges and several dozen clubs each year.

He’s released three comedy albums thus far, all of which have received critical success. His first album, 2006’s “Cure for the Cable Guy,” hit number 20 on Billboard’s comedy charts, and his second, 2008’s “The Dark Side of the Room,” was the first pay-what-you-want downloadable comedy album.

While his albums have somewhat migrated away from that college focus, his books haven’t. (Oh, did we mention the three comedy books yet?) His latest, “National Lampoon’s Balls!” segues slightly into sports humor, but his first two are part of a “Student Body Shots” series that offers a witty, insightful look at college life we can all relate to.

Hofstetter currently hosts The National Lampoon Radio Sports Minute (Or So), a weekly short that mocks anything sports related, and has appeared on television shows such as CBS’s “Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson,” Showtime’s “White Boyz in the Hood” and VH1’s “Countdown.”

If this guy sounds interesting, check him out before you go. Hofstetter is still offering free copies of “The Dark Side of the Room” via his website, www.stevehofstetter.com.

And if you’re a fan, stop by the Weasler Auditorium Sunday, Oct. 3, to see the show, hosted by Sigma Phi Epsilon, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tickets can be purchased in the Brooks Lounge until Friday and are $5 for students with MUIDs and $17 for general admission.