Hitting the Marq: Students tag their turf

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When we caught a glimpse of the mysterious message, “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir beware,” chalked onto the walkway of the Alumni Memorial Union last week, we knew it was time to give a little appreciation to our favorite Marquette street art (We hope the prospective students touring noticed, too). It’s a category that encompasses the random — yet minimal — graffiti, carvings and etchings that students leave around campus. People have carved names and initials into the wood trim of Hegarty’s, cursed chemistry and philosophy on library carrels with Sharpie and scribed some pretty telling messages on bathroom stalls.

Marquee does not condone these small acts of vandalism — but we can’t say we don’t always enjoy them, either. When done right, these markings can be just the right combination of words to make you bust out laughing. At the very least, grafitti will make you think. We don’t really know who left these messages or when they etched them, much less why — it’s like an earlier and cooler model of Post Secret. Here’s some of our favorite student graffiti.

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