Hitting the Marq: Top spring trends

Rompers, a top and shorts connected, are great to wear when going out on the town.

While Wisconsin weather can be a little misleading on occasion — case in point, we got a light dusting of snow last week — it’s finally spring. And with this new spring weather comes, of course, new spring fashions. If you’re looking for a way to stand out this season, look no further than these five fashion trends compiled by us here at Marquee.


MU Sailing Club, rejoice! Your standard dress code has become all the rage. From Sperrys to horizontal stripes, white linen trousers to rolled up pants, nautical-themed dress is a great way to welcome the warmer weather and pull off a preppy look without looking like a Marquette Mom or Dad. One sound piece of advice with this trend — that goes for all these trends, actually — is to wear it in moderation. You don’t want to look like Popeye.


Tie-dye is so near and dear to some people’s hearts that they wear it year-round, layered beneath hoodies and jackets. Now you can strip off those itchy, insulating layers and unleash your tie-dye full force. Keep an eye out for opportunities to incorporate tie-dye into other wardrobe items, too, like pocket squares for guys and headbands for girls. Another plus? This trend is particularly cost-friendly. With a couple t-shirts, some dye and a bucket, anyone can make it.


Go into any woman’s clothing store and try to not find something floral. You will fail. Our April showers have brought those May flowers a few weeks early — they’re everywhere. Dresses, tanks, accessories — just mix one floral piece with a solid and you’re good to go!

“Class”ifying yourself

A general trend for spring? Pull yourself together and get classy! Flats, rather than flip-flops, immediately upgrade any outfit, especially jeans and a t-shirt. Guys can wear cardigans or even a tie, if you dare, to look more put together. If that’s too much to ask, at least pull up your pants! Bye, bye droopy-diaper look — and don’t come back any time soon.


The lazy girl’s solution to putting an outfit together? Grab a romper. It makes getting dressed as easy as when you were 8 years old. The combined top and shorts is appearing in a variety of styles, such as stripes, florals and ruffles. It might not be the most ideal outfit for class, but this trend is perfect for going out. Ditch your typical party uniform and rock a romper. Life’s too short for boring black tanks and jeans.