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Tribune Tributes 4/13

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To … The guys playing foursquare in the 16th Street Structure at 11:30 on Saturday night: You really ARE awesome, and not only made my senior year, but Lazar’s too.

To … Dylan: You owe me Cobeen.

To … Professors: Thanks for assigning extra stuff. Argh…

To … Claire: Happy birthday! I love ya!

To … Jamie Hyneman: Thanks for busting those myths. You’ve done the world proud.

To … The freshman who did this: Thanks for breaking the handle off our toilet and using our tub as a bathroom. You made me vomit the next morning.

To … SEAC and Gail Schumann: For the native tree tour.

To … The guys of OD: Good luck with CelebrHAITIAN Thursday!

To … Chris and Bryan: Congratulations on winning the intermediate badmitton championship!

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