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Tribune Tributes 3/2/10

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To … Meghan and Joey: Good luck in your campaign to be MUSG president and vice president!

To … Becky at Cousins Subs: You’re always smiling, even during the lunch rush. You seem really sweet.

To … MSOE EWB: Have a safe trip and get better Don and Mike.

To … The students studying abroad in Chile: Glad you’re OK.

To … Mike and Bobby Live from Thrill-waukee: You give me the best hour of my life every Friday from 7 to 8 p.m.

To … The guy who helped me push my car out on Friday: Thanks. I hope you weren’t late for class.

To … The AMU: Thanks for herding us like cattle through Room 163 on our way to only two tellers for Girl Talk tickets. Real efficient.

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