Another win, another loss for women’s tennis

The women’s tennis team went one-up, one-down today, now at 8-6 on the season. Marquette’s first loss at home came from Wisconsin this afternoon in a series of close battles, the Badgers finally reigning 5-2. Later in the evening, the Golden Eagles rebounded to top Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 7-0.

The two points against Wisconsin were the successes of sophomores Paola Calderon at No. 1 and Gillian Hush at No. 6.

Calderon had an outstanding performance against Wisconsin, winning 6-1, 6-2, but her routine got tired by the time her turn came against UWM.

Head coach Jody Bronson said the first win of the day was good for Calderon, but the sophomore was losing steam in her match at No. 1 against UWM. Calderon took the first set 6-3, but almost got pulled into a third set before winning 7-5.

Bronson said the Marquette players need to maintain focus throughout the day and keep in mind that the other team is facing the same issues.

“Her opponent was very tired,” Bronson said about Calderon’s dwindling match. “The battle is … who’s going to be the sharpest mentally and not make bad decisions?”

Part of the game is about endurance, and Calderon had to fight for her focus as the last woman on the court.

“I got a little bit lazy with my shots, but I just got it together,” Calderon said. “I didn’t want to go to three sets.”

Another sophomore making a scene on the court is Hush, who took now tallies 11 wins on the season after taking Wisconsin, 6-2, 6-4, and UWM, 6-0, 6-0, at Nos. 6 and 5, respectively.

Though Hush and Calderon were able to manage points over Wisconsin, Bronson wasn’t happy with the afternoon’s loss.

“We’ve got to start winning matches we should be winning, and Wisconsin is a match we should have won,” Bronson said. “Four people have to step it up here. We have to get four points in order to win, and we have to have people out here playing solid tennis all the time.”