Weekend knife attack not serious assault

A Marquette student was mildly injured early Sunday morning after being cut by another student during an altercation involving a knife outside Schroeder Hall.

The incident occurred at 2:08 a.m. in Parking Lot D on the west side of the residence hall. The victim sustained a minor puncture wound to his upper abdomen that did not require stitches, and was released from Froedtert Hospital Sunday morning.

Student employees of the residence hall and students acquainted with the parties involved say the suspect is Eric Lipinski, a sophomore in the College of Business Administration.

The university is now investigating the incident, and plans to take “appropriate disciplinary action, which can include a range of sanctions up to and including suspension and expulsion,” according to university News Briefs on Monday.

The suspect, the victim and the victim’s friend were involved in an altercation outside the residence hall. During the altercation, the suspect displayed a knife. The victim approached the suspect at that point, which resulted in the small puncture wound, according to Department of Public Safety Associate Director Russell Shaw.

After sustaining the small injury, the students moved inside and continued a verbal altercation.

DPS officers responding to an unrelated call witnessed the verbal altercation. DPS questioned the students, and at the coaxing of his friend, the victim stated that the suspect had given him the small wound from a knife.

The suspect told DPS officers that immediately after the incident, he apologized “immensely” for injuring the victim and followed him into Schroeder to make sure he was OK.

Milwaukee Police arrived on scene moments after the incident and took the suspect into custody.

The Milwaukee Police Department issued the suspect a municipal citation for assault and battery, said Anne E. Schwartz, an MPD spokeswoman.

Municipal citations don’t require an incident report be filed. The citation was issued because pain and suffering was inflicted in the altercation, according to police.

No DPS e-mail alert was issued Sunday because there was no immediate threat to students, Shaw said.