Playlist of the Week: The Tribune Newsroom

A good song is not taken lightly by those in the Marquette Tribune newsroom. A solid tune (plus some caffeine) has been known to fuel the staff through some pretty late nights. Over the course of a semester, we’ve accumulated new favorites and also rediscovered some classics that are really great for interpretive dancing and entertaining your co-workers.

_MG_0005Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” – Bruce Springsteen

“Easily the best Christmas song out there, this tune is used to scare children into behaving if they want Santa to bring them their presents. George Hall and the Hotel Taft Orchestra first recorded it in 1934, it reached the top of the charts in 1935, and it has been covered by everyone from The Jackson Five to The Beach Boys ever since. But nobody croons this hit better than the musical prodigy Bruce Springsteen, who has been imitating the classic at his concerts since 1975, thanks to requests from his adoring fans.” – Lauren Stoxen, Photo editor

jen“Elias” – Dispatch

“I love this song because of the story that lies behind it. Dispatch is a band that has been very dedicated to fighting poverty in African countries, especially Zimbabwe. This song is about a man, named Elias, who Dispatch met and befriended during their time in the country. The song tells of Elias and his struggle to support his family under the impoverished conditions they face. There are a lot of drum and bongo beats in the song, which make it that much more powerful. You can definitely feel Dispatch’s passion for Zimbabwe and Elias.” – Jen Michalski, News copy editor

tim“John Brown” – Bob Dylan

“Dylan wrote this song at the peak of his popularity and songwriting genius in 1963 but didn’t record it on any album until the 1994 MTV Unplugged appearance.  I love it because it combines young Dylan’s finger-pointin’ attitude of the 1960s with the raspy Dylan voice of 1997’s ‘Time Out of Mind’ and 2006’s ‘Modern Times.'” – Tim Seeman, Metro beat reporter

Kaitie“Come See About Me” –  The Supremes

“The Supremes have consistently been near the top of my most-listened list this semester. It doesn’t get much better than a great ’60s girl group song, and ‘Come See About Me’ is certainly up there. It’s upbeat, easy to sing along with and has lyrics perfect for creating interpretive dance moves. And there are hand claps!” – Kaitlin Kovach, Copy chief

kaleigh“Good Arms vs. Bad Arms” — Frightened Rabbit

“My sister’s lovely husband Nathaniel showed me this song the other week, and I have listened to it approximately one billion times since then. Here are the reasons it is awesome: 1. These dudes are Scottish, so that is rad. 2. It’s a gorgeous song the whole way through, with lyrics that make you sad, but laugh a little at the same time. Maybe that is just me though, and maybe you aren’t supposed to laugh at all, which is pretty possible. 3. Just listen to it now. Do it.” — Kaleigh Ward, Assistant Marquee editor