We be jammin’ at Mad Planet’s reggae night

Photo courtesy Kaleigh WardOn some weekends, Marquette students fill the streets and it seems like there are one million things to do. Other weekends, MU seems to reach some unspoken agreement to stay in, leaving streets deserted.

It would make more sense if these dead weekends were explained by upcoming midterms or finals, but they aren’t. I’ve taken note. It is even stranger when the approach of these weekends is palpable. It is unnecessary to ask others about their plans, you just know nobody has any.

Last weekend, the lame vibes could be felt all over campus. Consequently, it was necessary to discover other forms of entertainment and colorful events Milwaukee — like a Reggae dance party at a rock club.

Last Saturday night Mad Planet, 533 E. Center St., held Reggae night from 9 p.m. to about 2 a.m. The event was presented by Chalice in the Palace. A dance party ensued and music was deejayed by DJ Avets, DJ Suresh, DJ Eltronix, DJ Prince Ruff and DJ Marcus Garvey. Drink specials included $3 Red Stripe and $2 Pabst Blue Ribbon.

If you are into packed events, this one may not be for you. Around 50 friendly and free-loving people gathered for the event. The DJs’ music line-up included most predictable reggae artists and songs, but a few unfamiliar numbers, too.

DJs even played a “Murder She Wrote” cover from the “Save the Last Dance” soundtrack. The song plays in the club when Julia Stiles makes you want to die with her painful dancing and her confused 90’s outfit. (No wait, that’s the entire movie.)

However, if you like funky dark venues with an eclectic range of music, this may be up your alley. Mad Planet has an intimate feel. Eye-catching and unusual signs spice up the black walls, and a small dance floor nudges right up to the tiered stage where performers play.

This is the perfect event if you’re looking to have a low-key night. You can dance and get crazy, or just hang out and meet some interesting people.

Mad Planet attracts a diverse mix. The age range is surprisingly wide and patrons defy categorization. My favorite acquaintances included a couple with white man dreads, a group of middle-aged women out for ladies’ night, and a depressive 20-something guy sitting at the bar and being generally pessimistic.

It is difficult to not fit in among such a mixture of people, as there is little to fit in with. It’s extremely refreshing.

Although, if you are a girl, you might want to bring some friends along. Otherwise, you may encounter my least favorite acquaintance of the evening: the lone, silent dancing man hopelessly trying to mingle with some ladies.

After a few minutes, his mostly-arms dance and close proximity to any group of girls got a little weird. He seemed to misinterpret the awkward and unsettled reactions from women as invitations to proceed with his creeping.

Mad Planet also hosts a retro dance party every Friday night, deejayed by DJ Alterboy and T$. These nights have a $4 cover charge and are strictly 21 and over. Funk and soul nights, known as “The Get Down,” come up every second Saturday of the month.

Mad Planet has 21 plus events, as well as events for all ages.

Upcoming events at Mad Planet include: Saturday Session with 88Nine Radio Milwaukee on Nov. 14 from 10 p.m. to midnight, the Modern Skirts, Skybox and Arkady on Nov. 19, .357 String Band, Highlonesome, Ando and the Jolly Barrels and American Radio Police on Nov. 21, Electric Six, Gay Blades and Millions of Brazilians sponsored by 91.7 WMSE on Nov. 24, and more.