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To … DPS Officer Joe Secanky: for gracing us with your presence Wednesday night. Thank you for being the ‘hot’ topic of conversation over Facebook – garnering at least 20 status comments and several clicks of the ‘like’ button. Your lack of wearing a wedding ring makes us all wonder what could be! Love, the girls of Cobeen Hall and a few (hundred) more Res Life staff members.

To … Leah Durham: for standing her ground on Halloween.

To … The girl whose Brewers hat I took from Murphy’s: I’m very sorry. I’ll be at “Mug Night” around 10 with your hat, probably wearing a cowboy shirt.

To … Kyle Campbell and others: for giving me the best birthday week I could have ever had while embarrassing me in front of thousands of students and my professors. To an awesome senior year.

To … The girl singing on her knees in the Raynor lobby Wednesday night: Put down your fake microphone.

To … Trent’s pinky: Please don’t wave that at me.

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