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Tribune Tributes 10/20

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To … The brand new, Marquette-bedazzled Chevy Camaro in the Wells Parking Structure: I don’t know what bigwig is responsible for you, but it’s good to see our tuition dollars at work. Because nothing says “proud Jesuit tradition” like that one car from “Transformers.”

To … Rachel: Thanks for the chai tea treat!! Seeing you at the Brew always makes my day. 🙂

To … My girlfriend: Happy two-year anniversary to the resident I “wasn’t allowed” to date. Take that Res Life.

To … Jackie: We have the same birthday! Wait, no, not at all!

To … Joe Mahoney: For finally seeing the light and transferring to Marquette next semester.

To … K Wal: Quit complaining about “Paranormal Activity.” We know it was scary, but stop crying about it.

To … My Chaucer class this fall: Have heer my thanks for swiche pleasaunt experience in techynge yow. Ich am gretely pleesed to knowe thee.

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